What is our school?

Modern International School is one such institution which has launched a dynamic approach towards education in accordance with the changing needs of the society. The emphasis is on diverse methods of teaching for different categories of students and providing opportunities to students for shouldering responsibilities in their future life.


Constant participation in games, sports and a wide range of Cultural and co-curricular activities is encouraged and the curriculum has been designed to train the students by the most modern teaching systems with state of the art computer labs. 


Highlights of the school

* Well equipped and airy   classrooms
* Teacher to Student  Ratio of 1 : 20
* Highly Qualified and  experienced Staff
* State of the Art   Networked Computer   labs
* Well stocked Library
* Transport Facility
* Activity Clubs
* Horse Riding
* Swimming Pool

* Indoor & Outdoor Sports
* Special Coaching facilities
* Martial Arts Training
* Art & Craft
* Dance & Drama
* Social Awareness Projects
* Conservation of the environment
* Open Air Auditorium
* Home Science


Role of parents

Active participation and co-operation of parents is solicited in all matters pertaining to the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual development of students. Parents are expected to play a complementary role in ensuring optimum efficiency of their wards in terms of learning and experience.

They are expected to visit school on 'Open Days', once every two months and meet the respective teachers to keep themselves updated on the performance and well-being of their wards.